Hot Club du Nax – Joseph Joseph

Gypsy Jazz Band ‘Hot Club du Nax’ play ‘Joseph Joseph’. 

Dreaming of the roaring 20s and 30s? Let us take you back to the golden champagne decades… available for Weddings, parties, balls and bar mitzvahs! 

Jazz Singer Isobel Cope on Vocals, Jazz Guitarists Arian Kindl and Lukas Bamesreiter, Double Bass Player Flo Hupfauf and Violinist Tomas Novak. 


A certain maid I know, is so afraid her beau

Will never ask her, will she name the day

He calls on her each night, and when she dims the light

It’s ten to one that you would hear her say

Oh Joseph, Joseph, won’t you make your mind up

It’s time I knew just how I stand with you

My heart’s no clock that I can stop and wind up

Each time we make up after being through

So listen Joseph, Joseph time is fleeting

And here and there my hair is turning grey

My mother has a fear, wedding bells I’ll never hear

Joseph, Joseph, won’t you name the day


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